Gabbard Environmental Services, Inc.
Environmental and Safety Compliance Consulting Services
Environmental Permits:
  - Air permits (list attached).
  - Waste Water permits.
  - Storm Water Permits
  - Clean water discharge permits (NPDES).
  - DOT registrations.
  - Hazardous waste generator registrations.

Compliance Activities - Air:
  - Written plans and records keeping.
  - Inspections.
  - Monitoring reports.
  - Annual air permit compliance reports.
  - Air emissions reporting.
  - Emissions testing organization.

Compliance Activities - Waste Water:
  - Periodic sampling and analysis.
  - Monthly discharge monitoring reports.
  - Toxic Organic Management Plans.
  - Annual summary reporting.
Compliance Activities - Storm Water:
  - Written Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  - Storm water runoff sampling.
  - Employee spill response training.
  - Inspection programs.

Compliance Activities - Clean Water:
  - Written Spill Prevention Control
and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC).

Compliance Activities - Community Right-to-Know)
  - Annual Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory
(Tier II) Reports.
- Annual Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) Reports.

Compliance Activities - Hazardous Waste:
  - RCRA registrations and permits.
  - Employee training.
  - Written plans.
  - Waste manifests/container labels.
  - Recycling/Reuse/Waste minimization programs.
  - Annual waste activity reports

Compliance Activities - Other and Miscellaneous:
  - ISO Certification assistance.

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